Appalachian mountain club
Knubble Bay Camp & Beal Island

Knubble Bay Camp Facilities

The new post-and-beam cabin at Knubble Bay Camp is not only a delight to the eye, but a testament to the Appalachian Mountain Club’s mindful use of natural resources. No electricity or running water is available at the camp. However, solar and wind energy power lights and a wood stove provide warmth and ambiance. A hand pump is available for potable, fresh water. There is a composting toilet and the cabin is fully handicapped accessible. Knubble Bay Camp is a Carry-in/Carry-Out facility. No supplies (toilet paper, dish soap) will be there when you arrive, and none should remain after you leave.

The kitchen is stocked with all the necessary utensils, and features a gas-powered refrigerator, stove and oven. The large first-floor living space looks out onto the bay, and several sleeping areas accommodate 15 guests.

Outside, stairs lead to the beach, the launch site for Beal Island and on-water exploration of the area. The cabin is available for rental from early spring to late fall, and is offered to one party at a time.

for rental Reservations & information, please call: 603.466.2727