2024 Weekend Programs

Each year, KBC’s experienced and skilled volunteers provide exciting and educational weekend kayak programs. Arrive Friday late afternoon/early evening and leave Sunday by 2:00 PM. Our legendary meals are provided Saturday morning, Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

Be sure to read the detailed program descriptions, if you have questions about any of the programs, send email to: registrar@amckbc.org


Introduction to Coastal Navigation

July 12 – 14 (Friday evening thru Sunday afternoon)

$250 (AMC members)
$285 (non-members)

Not quite sure how to use a compass to navigate? Want to use a nautical chart to plan a paddle? Understand how tides and currents affect your paddle? Come join us for a weekend of hands-on instruction and enjoy paddling from the ocean front cabin at Knubble Bay. Participants will learn to read a nautical chart, understand how winds, tides and currents affect a paddle trip, and most important, learn to use a compass for navigation. To maximize your time on the water, some instruction will be held on-line two weeks prior. Cost includes meals & lodging.

(Please read the Detailed Description BEFORE you Register)


Lobster & Kayaking Weekend

August 9 – 11 (Friday evening thru Sunday afternoon)

$260 (AMC members)
$300 (non-members)

We’ve been running this lobster weekend for over 30 years, and it’s everyone’s favorite. Enjoy a day’s paddling on Saturday, followed by a fantastic lobster bake, and end the weekend with a half-day paddle on Sunday. Cost includes meals & lodging.

(Please read the Detailed Description BEFORE you Register)


Introduction to Sea Kayaking

September 13 – 15 (Friday evening thru Sunday afternoon)

$250 (AMC members)
$285 (non-members)

Do you enjoy kayaking on lakes, rivers and marshes? When you drive along the seashore or walk along the beach, do you think about how much fun it would be to kayak on the ocean but don’t know how or where to begin? The Introduction to Sea Kayaking weekend is designed to help you take that first step to transition from flat water kayaking to sea kayaking in a safe, friendly, and fun environment. You will be introduced to topics such as safety, currents, waves, chart reading and sea kayaking equipment. Led by experienced sea kayakers, you will enjoy the beauty and thrill of paddling along the Maine coast in the company of eagles, osprey, and seals. If you don’t have a sea kayak or the necessary sea kayaking gear, no problem. See the information on renting in the detailed description. Cost includes meals & lodging.

(Please read the Detailed Description BEFORE you Register)

Wilderness First Aid Weekend (SOLO WFA)

May 31 – June 2

If you missed this, don’t worry, we will be running WFA again in the spring of 2025! See you then!

$345 (AMC members)
$395 (non-members)

Beat the traffic and join us for a weekend of room, board and AMC staff-led WFA training at Knubble Bay Camp. This course will teach you how to identify and treat medical issues common to wilderness settings and to prepare for long-term care scenarios. Includes lecture and hands-on practice. Upon completion, participants receive 16-hour WFA certification. This course may be used to recertify a current SOLO Wilderness First Responder. Optional CPR certification.

  • Arrive after 3 pm Friday, or come Saturday morning
  • Six delicious meals: Friday supper (5:30-7:30 pm), 3 meals/snacks on Saturday; breakfast and lunch on Sunday
  • Course begins 9 am Saturday. Ends 5:30 pm Sunday



Spring & Fall Work Weekends

May 3 – 5   &   October 25 – 27
(Friday evening thru Sunday afternoon)

Are you looking for an opportunity to become an AMC volunteer?  This is a chance to learn more about one of the AMC’s Volunteer Led Camps & Cabins (VCC), Knubble Bay Camp and Beal Island. 

Every spring and fall, the Committee holds a work weekend to make repairs, do maintenance, get together as a group and have some fun. Join us for the 2024 spring work weekend May 3 – 5 or fall work weekend October 25 – 27. Come for the weekend, a day, or just have a dinner with us Saturday night. Registration is informal, send an email to registrar@amckbc.org and let us know you will be coming. Also let us know if you have any questions.  We hope to see you!

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