First Time Island Camping

Are you interested in camping on one of Maine’s uninhabited coastal islands?  Have you hesitated because you are not quite sure how to go about doing it for the first time?  Is all of your paddling experience on flat water or are you worried that ocean conditions and distance to an island might be beyond your skill level?  We have the solution for you. Try kayak camping on AMC’s Beal Island!

A launch site with overnight parking, potable water for cooking/drinking, fitting everything in your kayak, and packing out all your “poop” are often major obstacles to kayak camping, especially if you have never done it before.  When you camp on Beal Island, you will have access to overnight parking, an all-tide launch, potable water and a privy.  Your nightly rental fee includes the use of all of these amenities at AMC’s Knubble Bay Camp in Georgetown, ME.

Beal Island is a short and easy paddle from Knubble Bay Camp.  If you are so inclined, you can paddle the entire way to Beal Island and never be more than 100’ from shore.  Because it is so close, there is no need to fret if all your gear, clothing, and food won’t fit in your kayak.  Simply split up your “stuff” and make two trips to the island.  Similarly, if you run out of water while camping on the island, no problem. It is a short and easy paddle back to Knubble Bay Camp for more water.

Much more on Beal Island…

Can you camp at Beal Island using a canoe for transport? Yes!  Many families use a canoe so that they can bring their children with them to share in the adventure and wonder of camping under the stars on one of Maine’s uninhabited coastal islands.

Don’t have a canoe or kayak? Rent one and it will be delivered to the launch at Knubble Bay Camp

Because of the fragile ecosystem and shallow soil on Maine’s coastal islands, you cannot use cat holes to dispose of your poop.  Instead, you are required to pack out your “poop.”  On Beal Island, you can avoid packing out your poop by using the conveniently located privy.