About Beal Island

Beal Island has ample space for campers and is rented to only two parties at a time (limited to a total of 30 campers).

Located 0.6 nautical miles from the beach at Knubble Bay Camp (about a 20-minute paddle by canoe or kayak), Beal Island has been a favorite destination for campers for generations. Beal Island is the only tidewater camping facility operated by the Appalachian Mountain Club. Located in the Sasanoa River, this 64-acre island offers meadow camping, a large beach area, and a hiking trail. The trail circumnavigates the island, revealing breathtaking views of the rocky coastline, as well as old stone foundations from residents long forgotten. The island is named for Jeremiah Beal who lived there with his wife, Phebe Hall Shea, in the early 1800s and farmed the western side of the island.

Located adjacent to the beach on the southernmost finger of the island, a large grassy area and pine grove offer comfortable tenting spots (with a nearby outhouse) . Two cooking tables with poles that can support rain tarps are located at the beach landing area. Because Beal Island is a fragile coastal ecosystem, please carry in/carry out, and, sorry, absolutely no pets.

Beal Island is on the Main Island Trail. MITA volunteers generously maintain the island’s hiking trail.  Day visitors are welcome on the island but please respect the campers renting the island campsites. Beal Island campers can park and use the launch at Knubble Bay Camp during their rental stay. Unlike other AMC facilities, the KBC property is not open to day visitors. Please visit the KBC property only during your paid rental stay at the KBC cabin or Beal Island.

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